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Check out these awesome Pokemon T’s by Greg Wright

They’re 50% more hype than the T-shirt you’re wearing now, so buy one or thirty! At $20 each, can you really say no?

Well, I guess you can, because this is a free country and all… but why would you say no? you some kind of nerd?

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Epcots original pavillon icons

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The cop who shot a dog in front of its 6 year old owner was fired after outrage from the community and a “Justice for Apollo” campaign.

The cop who shot an unarmed black teen is on paid leave and remains protected by his department. So far, days of outrage and protest have still not brought any justice to Mike Brown.

In America, in 2014, the life of a black man is valued less than that of a dog.


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hey you know those photos of trees where it looks like they have a big round human ASS, that's a tree disease right, what's it called
yugichrist asked





if it’s what I’m thinking of, those are called Burls if you’re murrican or Burrs if you’re from pretty much literally anywhere else

It’s less of a disease in itself and more like a sign of a disease.  Usually fungal infections fuck up the tree growth and cause them

People actually steal them sometimes because some of them are super valuable.  They make really cool looking carved stuff and are really dense.

what the fuck. they just chop the ass right off a tree and sell it to the tree ass black market. that’s brutal

That’s… Yeah, that’s actually pretty accurate.

People have actually been arrested for it and redwood national park gets blocked off at night because people stealing and selling tree ass on the black market is such a big problem

requesting backup for a 376 in process, that’s right we’ve got a tree ass jacker here

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Once again, I will not negotiate with terrorists.




Ok, let’s try this again.

This has nothing to do with games and is not a matter of legitimate public interest, but is simply a personal matter. I would hope and request that the games press be respectful of what IS a personal matter, and not news, and not about games. This is explicitly about…

This is really important, please read her text and then mine. You might not like her before or after all of that, but it doesn’t excuse the violence and toxicity that’s been thrown at her - it’s the Phil Fish shit all over again (do i NEED to link that video again?) Respect people’s private matters and don’t contribute to this shitty toxic culture we have.

Regarding this whole thing, I also don’t appreciate:

1. The insinuation I’m seeing from some people that she needed to be someone perfect because that would reflect on all women of the industry. Zoe is ONE WOMAN DEVELOPING GAMES. She does NOT and CANNOT represent all of us. And we don’t HAVE to prove to boys that we can be as good as them or shit of the sort, it’s their shitty fucking problem that they don’t think that already. We have PLENTY of other women working on games or involved in the industry or the culture speaking out too. Brenda Romero, Anna Anthropy, Carolyn Petit, several people working at The Border House, to name a few just off the top of my head. Shine the spotlight on them, shine the spotlight on many others, show that we HAVE been doing a shitload of work that is going unappreciated. Even Zoe herself, Depression Quest is still an important game and should not be dismissed because of shit of her private life.

The second point is related to the actual story and private matters of her life, so if you did not read those things, please don’t read the italicized text under and below these lines:

- - - - - -

2. That the story going around is that “she slept with someone to get benefits from the industry/press” This is fucking bullshit and I’m apalled at people who should know better falling into this sexist framing of the story. She was already popular, she was a guest in websites like Giant Bomb several times, she had several articles wrote on her harassment and her games, why would she even need to do that and why would the fault solely rely on HER for that. Why is the fault of anything and EVERYTHING about this story solely on her, and not on the obsessive, disregardful of privacy ex-boyfriend (who I will concede was the bigger victim of the story, but that does not excuse some of the shit he did, and according to Zoe’s text, did this to specifically harm and target her), and not on people who KNEW about their closed relationship and went with it anyway, etc. I’m not excusing her, I think that a lot of what Zoe did was absolutely fucked but it’s also more of the same bullshit that made her harassed in the first place: She’s a fucking woman who makes games and is popular and that makes shitty nerds uncomfortable. It’s the only reason why she’s the sole target of this harassment, it’s the only reason why she WAS the sole target of that previous harassment despite other people being involved with Depression Quest (which was ~allegedly~ the reason why people were upset by her in the first place).

- - - - - -

I think that this is all of it. I don’t blame anyone feeling iffy about her and untrustful of her and not willing to support her work further, but that does not excuse the violence coming from the community. I thought we were starting to know better, but with the gaming culture, I guess shit doesn’t change.

Night-time reblog, I would like to add something to the second point there, again, it’s related to the story and matters of her private life, so please skim over it if you haven’t read the whole thing:

- - - - - -

The videogame journo/writer that people have been accusing Zoe of sleeping to get better press did not write anything regarding Zoe or her games in the timeframe being discussed. Again, the narrative that she’s sleeping with people to get ahead is scummy, sexist, gross and untrue, please do not perpetuate it.

- - - - - -

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I apologize as this comes off as disrespectful to Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin. Or their families. Or YOU, the reader. I’m not about that. That’s not why I drew this.

I am just really freaked out that 40% of Americans (and 47% of White Americans) do not think that the killings and violence in Ferguson ‘raise any racial issues.’ Fellow White Persons, this is our chance to learn. This is our chance to change.

When Trayvon Martin was murdered because Full Grown Men in America are frightened to violence by the presence black children, the dialogue turned very quickly into a conversation about gun control.

And gun control is an issue that deserves our attention.

But it won’t change the massive poverty in Black America. The arrest rate. The education statistics. The institutional, systemic, casual, or passive racism that plagues our country.

And it wouldn’t have saved Michael Brown.

Anyway. I’m sorry if this comes off as disrespectful or insincere or preachy. I’m sorry if my execution (or personality) gets in the way of what I’m trying to say. I am an imperfect artist, an imperfect person, and I am, undoubtedly, blinded to a million things by my own glaring whiteness. So this might be… Lord, this might be awful. I’m so sorry if it’s awful. Really.

But. I just keep thinking… Look, my wife is pregnant with our first child. A boy. We’re nervous, we’re excited, we’re SO ANXIOUS because what the hell do you do with babies? WE don’t know. But if we were a black family… in this country… we would be so terrified. Because we live in a nation that murders the children of black parents, puts it on the news WITH RIOTS AND TEAR GAS as decoration, and still half of us don’t even see it as a problem. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine bringing a child into that reality, to face the odds we lay out for black kids?

That would break me. I’ve never known anything like that. No one should ever know anything like that.

So let’s talk to our friends about race. Lets talk to our families. And when actual victims of racism try to tell us what’s going on in, say, a peaceful community protest as they are being gassed and shot at by cops WE SHOULD LISTEN TO AND BELIVE THEM. Let’s talk to each other about this until we are all on the same page.

And then let’s turn the damn page.

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Art dump part 4

okay story time

so my art teacher assigned us to do a chalk pastel still life of fruits n shit and I was like “no”

so I drew a banana instead.

and my teacher came by like “you need to have more than one fruit in your still life”

so I was like “k”

and so I put that cherry on top of the banana and titled it “Banana Split Without The Ice Cream Because Life Is Full Of Disappointments: By Fall Out Boy" and I turned that shit in.

My art teacher just started laughing out loud in the middle of class

this is my new favorite thing

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"Never did like that much," is a baller and superb way to express your irritation with the way the patriarchy refuses to acknowledge how badass you are.


Before World War I, she shot a cigarette out of the mouth of the Kaiser of Germany at his request.

After the war started she sent him a letter asking for another chance, as she was afraid her aim might’ve been a little off.

Annie Fucking Oakley everyone

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